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Monday, June 2, 2008

Queen of Roses

"I shall bow before God

But not before Time”

queen of roses

don’t your petals bleed

in thorns of time

that poison my dreams?

angel of guns and roses

you have drunk my heart

but you did not know

that time is a thirsty vampire

and clocks are a blackmailing irony

am i the whining cigarette

in the shrinking boulevard of time

diminishing into tomorrow’s ashes

every scarlet second…………..


am i the nuclear lover

of moons and melancholy

that smells the sounds

of a broken heart

in the forlorn facades

of mind’s mirages?

in the chemistry of my veins

time flows like blood

to crimson my cacophonies

my poems are my pace-makers

where words are time-clots

called memories

of tomorrow’s yesterday

you converge

in the acid of time

but your words

are immune to the catastrophe

i breathe in your words

and breathe again

queen of roses

will you ever forgive time?

will you?

can you?

maybe time is my eerie destiny

but believe me

time was never my friend

nor yours