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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


spring ebbs in your breath
like the fragrance of torture

and the sky turns purple
with the colour of crumbled confessions

i secretly look for myself
inside a broken mirror
only to torment
fragmented memories

the tree outside my window
pours the acid of time
on your skin

and I watch you sink
in the painful corrosion
of acid-invasion

i remember the dead man
who waited everyday
for the red letter
that was never posted

and the night air is purged
with the smell of infectious cries

your health flickers everyday
like a waning oil lamp
in the winter snow

electric storms boil my nap
with their weapon of lies
and tannic dreams

sleep till you dream
of God
or of me!

the lights are unpredictable
I walk the line

between your breath
and your body
I walk the line

few people worship
a dusty calendar

life alchemizes
into the dreams of men
who think they are long dead

in this acid-invasion
remember me

with the sound of dreams
on corrupted crystals……..

sing me one last love song
before you drink the darkness

and darkness drinks me……………

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