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MySpace Graphics Your kiss spins like a dice in the night air and finds a shelter in the naked geometry of my face. - For R

Tuesday, August 5, 2008




i smeared my screams

on walls of poetry

and the words were smothered

like drops on crimson dreams


from the broken winds

to the demon of the moons

i have smelt the skeletons

with broken skulls

broken bones with fractured emotions

that stink in my closet of memories


i was the poet from pluto

blood-painting the woman of mythologies

till she came alive

to kill me with her vibration

my lyrics got spilled

on the tired dynamo of your extinct heartbeat

till it trickled down

the song of your eyes


was i then counting the sabres of time

to tighten the noose of glory

as i now burn on the mirror

that plays psychedelic videos?

in the womb of my decayed fortunes

time grows like hungry tragedies

tragedies of love and wars lost………


in the tempest of your face

poets die everyday

as ghosts and gods duel for paradise

on the poison of your lips

till your tears are the obituary

on the unfed death nail


tonight i killed your whispers

from my whining universe

hold my hand for once

as you travel back in time

into the land of mythologies

you will be breathing forever

on immortal walls of poetry

tonight i have frozen you

from space, time and mythologies

and you are mine forever

on the weeping words

that i have engraved

in the grains of time