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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Parting at Park Street

"In the room the women come and go

Talking of Michaelangelo"

-T S Eliot


9:30 pm in Park Street,

the shadows spy with furtive looks….

the shadows spin
beneath the street lights
and create a sonata in smoke

is this the way
it should all end?

is this the way
we should part
and promise to stay apart
till death brings us together again?


rain girl,
I’m walking away
all alone into the night

beneath the storm
and glass doors in the wind,

let’s travel the night
through stallion dreams

your dreams to my dreams
to our dreams……

and dice our destiny
on a board of chess


riding in a bus
that moves through sound
and time,

I discover
barren gypsy men

men who carry bombs
in their songs,

and songs
trapped inside glass coffins
in the rain

as the pendulum melts
at the refractive points
in my poem


rain girl,
you are sleeping in snow
beneath the September moon

rain girl,

where is your dream?

‘I have lost my dream
to my heart!’

rain girl,
where is your heart?

‘I have lost my heart
to a man!’

rain girl,
where is your man?

‘I have lost my man
to another girl!’


rain girl,
let’s hide the evening
in a kiss and sandpaper

together again,
let’s sail in moonshine
along the Ganges

on the banks of Kolkata

when the buildings rise
like stone serpents
or policemen walk in sleep

and the ash
of a few smoked cigars
builds a Romeo in silence

let’s drive all night again
along those yellow streets
of vapour

at the rain-stained windows
and remembering Eliot’s verses


a waiter comes to me
with a neck-tie
and a breakfast of bones

the necklace in blue
throbs in my wet coat pocket

rain girl,
I’m still standing alone
at the crossing tonight

for the lights to change