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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Helen - in memoriam

so you think,
one death will move me
and take away all my remembrance

my ears, even now, ache with metaphors
and ceremonies

do you still need an elegy?

I have seen God in your eyes
when enemy ships decimated Troy

as I shielded you with my open arms

and I have scoured the sky for centuries
without a last trace.......

I never looked for you
in ice-buried museums

your skin still smells of holy wars......

and yet,
you talk of all the mirrors in the city

if you want to recreate memories,
then let all love end tonight!

a star sinks from the night sky
with a wounded apology...........

I wonder if any stars
are ever missed

do you still crawl along the busy crosslanes
and let your eyes cast virtual images?

touch me, for once, with your buttery eyes
and etch in me, your cold reflection

anoint my body with wax,
and reveal to me those ancient secrets
of love-making

beneath a canopy of whispers.........

can words ever recreate that silence?

let's explore ill-written poems
and repeat the jazz on Nero's flute

let's hide behind metropolitan lies
and cinematic fancies -

prepare the table for a last supper,
stack your pills with funeral songs.......

and let us, together, evoke the unborn prophet
from your next wedding -

as Troy goes up in flames.........

Note : (Though the allusion is made to the mythical Helen of Troy, she is, on a dual level, the 'snow girl' from my previous poem)