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MySpace Graphics Your kiss spins like a dice in the night air and finds a shelter in the naked geometry of my face. - For R

Saturday, January 17, 2009


narcotic screams

pepper the skyline with the flavour of sunset

and the gypsies embrace their misfortunes
with a trail of songs and rituals

let's not make this an afternoon
of empty caravans, silent cigar ashes

and black romance

poems don't come easy these days,
yet this one's been nagging me for far too long

the night air is pierced
with the cry of a solitary owl
moaning its lost love

your smile spins in the cold silence.............

snow girl,you still haunt me
in your ice blue salwaar
in my crystal mists of long ago

like the mirror haunts her own reflection......

are you still obsessed with my ancient
half- revealed secrets?

and do I still remind you of high tides

and half circles?

snow girl, I re-found you by chance
just as I had once lost you

things start happening only when you stop

let us hold hands tonight
as we remember the smell of cold sweat
beneath a brown moon

why do lovers always love the darkness?

is something wrong tonight?

have you, at last, found your God
in a tiny glass bottle?

or have lies freaked you out?

I have to say,
you got a bit too carried away this time!

the air is still corrupted
with a moist reminiscence..........

you almost stripped me of my manliness!

smile, my blue angel, smile

I have half solved your riddles of feminism!

snow girl, do you still search for a place
to hide my love letters?

I have long stopped pretending to be your friend

let's not talk about moth-eaten skyscrapers,
politics or glass mirrors

now is the time to get surreal,
let's twist words like it's never been done before

don't let pirate songs bother you tonight,
let it all bleed out through your blue intestines......

just ignore the clocks and old unicorns

let dreams take over now,
and lead us to a forbidden paradise

life now becomes the canvas of an unfinished
acid dream

please don't invite the ghosts
to the dinner party

snow girl

now it's only

PS:[every story has a beautiful beginning
it's the end that matters................]