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MySpace Graphics Your kiss spins like a dice in the night air and finds a shelter in the naked geometry of my face. - For R

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


in my hand held heaven

my fleeting memories intoxicate me

with the choking odours of the past

like sweet poison


that silently seep in the porous quagmires of time

i hear the rusted footsteps of the present

memories of forgotten memories

clouded in the mist of my mind

through the unending archway of time

do i travel like a fallen leaf

drifting in the winds of progress

with the cherished horizon receding

until it merges with the dungeon of my dreams

to produce sun baked negatives

coloured in the colourless colour of time

shadows of memories

those shine even in the light of the present

static on the frozen pendulum

a history called ‘Unforgettable’

that deftly plays on the broken strings

of mind’s guitar sweeter than jazz

how often has the moment’s orchestra

rocked to the seismic waves of yore

that dominate the ticking clock

past changes the present but

present cannot change the past

dark words written in dark ink

slips in the darkness of the past

darkening when it was written

with broken verses winding down

the lane of moonless memories

into the twilight of lost chasms

those chasms

in my hand held heaven

choke me like sweet poison.



“The first time our eyes met

I know not by chance or fate

My senses went off in a trance

I knew there’s no second chance

My eyes for my heart spake

To let the uneasy silence break

Your cheeks were with emotion flushed

Then when your rosy dimples blushed

In my favour rolled the dice

To give me the angel of paradise

Your eyes did with passion shine

I knew instantly thou art mine

Hungrily around you my arms did throw

And held on tight to never let you go

I thanked heaven & knew right away

It’s the magic of VALENTINE’S DAY”


crystal girl

crystal girl

that once refracted life

now fast losing her smile and symmetry

her green cheeks sombred with the grey

of mankind

helen of hell

an unwilling wife of pollution

she weeps in acid rain tears

drinking in the pale smoking moon

daggers prick her cascading green locks

leaving a barren void

the intoxicating smell of the night air

burns her purged nostrils

carbon charring her fair skin

to expose scalded flesh

her green eyeballs change

blackened in dirt and soot

crystal girl, mother girl

my pen bleeds for you

droplet of time, like glass

reflects the times to come

crystal girl

now a time-girl

counting the grains of sand

falling on the time stand

counting the seconds

grain by grain………

seconds before second big bang

tiny blob of diluted green paint

rolling down the canvas of life

along the time co-ordinate

into the dimensionless horizon…….

crystal girl

then your destiny is obscure

and mankind is a history!