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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

crystal girl

crystal girl

that once refracted life

now fast losing her smile and symmetry

her green cheeks sombred with the grey

of mankind

helen of hell

an unwilling wife of pollution

she weeps in acid rain tears

drinking in the pale smoking moon

daggers prick her cascading green locks

leaving a barren void

the intoxicating smell of the night air

burns her purged nostrils

carbon charring her fair skin

to expose scalded flesh

her green eyeballs change

blackened in dirt and soot

crystal girl, mother girl

my pen bleeds for you

droplet of time, like glass

reflects the times to come

crystal girl

now a time-girl

counting the grains of sand

falling on the time stand

counting the seconds

grain by grain………

seconds before second big bang

tiny blob of diluted green paint

rolling down the canvas of life

along the time co-ordinate

into the dimensionless horizon…….

crystal girl

then your destiny is obscure

and mankind is a history!



Subhodip said...

U Have an awesome sense of the language dude . the V-day poem really describes the sweet sensation of love!!!
continue With ur Poems and I am sure that That u will reach the stars !!!!

Debs said...

Crystal witch would have made an amazing and fitting(yes,that's the word) title. But,I quite liked how the poem moves.

Sam said...

All the poems ar very cool and u have the exellent sense of humour.And what other t5o say everybody knows that you are favulous.

jiniya said...

amazin yaar.....realy beatiful piece of art.... keep up d gud wrk... :)