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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


“The first time our eyes met

I know not by chance or fate

My senses went off in a trance

I knew there’s no second chance

My eyes for my heart spake

To let the uneasy silence break

Your cheeks were with emotion flushed

Then when your rosy dimples blushed

In my favour rolled the dice

To give me the angel of paradise

Your eyes did with passion shine

I knew instantly thou art mine

Hungrily around you my arms did throw

And held on tight to never let you go

I thanked heaven & knew right away

It’s the magic of VALENTINE’S DAY”



Arnab said...

its a great piece of poetry written by the prince of serampore deeptesh ithink the poetry is the reflection of the thoughts that goes0 thro ugh each youngster

priyanka said...

This one is just excellent. Its really wonderful.