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Sunday, April 12, 2009


1. Reflection

A red rose

on the mirror
wet with a symphony

beneath the falling rhyme
I have seen
fluid-filled spaces

electric rivers,
silent white wings
flapping in darkness

travelling against time
in an age of miracles

what haunts you then
when you timidly explore
your own

2.The City of Mirrors


In the city of mirrors

the streets shimmer
with pale blue prophecies

and demon poets
walk slowly with candles
in a confused silence

among the ruins
of voices
and dead cinemas


Beneath the metallic sky

the capsule moon may reveal
frozen lovers,
lost in time

or actors
rehearsing their sex roles,
amidst an enchanted

with smells of charmed liquids


In the city of mirrors

you may find magic women
practising alchemy

or fortune-tellers
staring hard at their own

with guns and memories


Here every reflection
tricks the eye

and tempts you
with a sinister game
of the senses

and every word spoken
is coated
in a blue mist
of telepathy

or psychic cries


as lightening-strikes numb
the tentacles of the city

and darkness fades in a holy trance,
to reveal signs of shock
or horror

blood-stains on the wall
or on an ancient rhyme

might tell,
you've travelled back in time


In the city of mirrors

every vain game ends in failure
and death

and as you run
through the blinding light,
every street looks the same

in a maze of reflections

until the mirrors dazzle
your sights and senses,
as if to say:

here you all are prisoners of pain

you may come only once
and never go back again