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Monday, March 30, 2009

Dance at Dusk

her eyes
hide a thousand Arab prisoners
frozen with chilled lightening

when the moon seduce lovers
and religious poets

her eyes
throb with an ancient fear
when the street turns dark at the edges
and the pianola stirs ruined memories

as shadows begin to shine
and molten buildings rise to fame

a mystic trend creeps
into those battle-drunk eyes
that now burn with strange prophecies

behold and betray.......

hear the rhythmic beats
and the jubilant pain
as we create once again
with blood and music

the tidings of the day sink
into a tune from the creepy bowers
and metropolitan ashes

and salt ticks weary
in a scented hour-glass

thoughts torment me like busy war-planes

alas my hermit friends,
the time is ripe for another disaster

as silent voices quarrel over blood and silver
and my lips get poisoned with a prayer

I look for a place to hide
behind poems
or virtual pleasure

her eyes now shine
with a crusade for a hero's fall
and memories of a headless horse

follow the darkness
with the magi-cians words

who knocks on the silent door
between faith and death
on this cold December evening?

betray me with a kiss
and a coffin for metallic saints

gamble my body for drachmas

and when darkness shimmers
rise....rise again!

this night reveals a fresh smell
and bleeds a demon's wounds

cure me with a touch and holy water

baptise me O Lord
for my sins and sympathy
and awaken in me
those old Christian beliefs

and as her eyes now sleep
with a pagan verse

let me hunt with a mirror
and explore a few more
spiritual dreams

(The 's' has been omitted from 'seduce' in the fourth line purely for the sake of poetic beauty)