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Friday, May 16, 2008


“In life there lies hope

In hope there lies desire

And deep inside the womb of desire

Lies the seeds of folly”

my dreams are a painful rhapsody

that enthralls with an untrue echo

born of a silent explosion

aloft the restless river

where moments meander like music

sleeping mountains shelter the windy castle

silently bathing in the eerie moon

peeping through the dreamy mist

that spins its magic of melancholy

far beyond, in the tune of winds

she is shaped by rings of smoke

whose rivulets draw airy figurines

on the mind-glass of transparency

to engrave indelible images

on the elastic string of moving thoughts

burned in the ashes of beauty

she is the half-bred ghoul

of sweet seduction

the demon queen

spreading out her wings of fire

to beckon wild dreams of desire

by the wisp of imagination

she is the mermaid-nymph

stitched from snippets of psychedelia

that ticks away with the torment of time

to dissolve like a phoenix

into the blue smoke of birth

to leave the legacy of an unfinished tale

my dreams are a shinning ektara

with torn out strings

that plays a tuneless tune
to brutus its dreamer

1 comment:

Dipanjan said...

Hi mate,
Great job with the poem.
You've succeded in creating a mysterious aura of dreamy sensuality around your poem. The semi-abstract style that you've started using is unique. Looking forward to more great stuff from you. So just keep posting.