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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Land of the Scorpions


last night

i dreamt of scorpions

and they hung like broken cries

on the tangents of darkness

till they crawled into my vein

and i smeared their poison

all over my lines


i saw the scorpion in your eyes

when i first met you

in a land of dreams and demons

but they are everywhere now

blocking my sceptic visions

with their watery screams

as they build walls of dark love

between me and my reflection


tonight she may declare war

or make love with gods

and rule an island of symphony

with fangs of the scorpion

or i may write the most electronic poem

that will seep into the insulation

of her heart

or i may even die another death

in the land of the scorpions


from my neolithic embryo

to my cyber grave

i am grave-digging

a humus of lost memories

for the scorpion of the scorpions

may be someday

i shall be-numb the fangs of the scorpion

with the poison of my blood

and god

i shall forgive you that day

1 comment:


Very stark.can fascinate .hweva, u experiment wid words, wch i lykd. but if u can, try experimenting violence with calmness. be subtle, i think, given ur area of experimentation, it'll cum out v.well.