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Friday, January 1, 2010

Snow dreams

(Thanks to Inam Hussain Mullick for the prose style)

She travels like the night…..wind-swept smiles of the river. The bullet speaks a soft prayer and dies without a funeral…..
a funeral of the moons who were killed in my song last summer….the radio knows their secret when winter hallucinates.
And yet she laughs like a woman….laughs like the wind that shields the door on her skin……ancient layers and lyres of time…
tonight the child shall find a mother……like the violin finds her chords of rain

Tonight she will find her womb……..hidden with dust beneath her wedding saree……and pray to the Gods for rain. She might
also stab the sky for rain…….the poet slides into her mouth and drowns in her storm……the madmen come to her for comfort..
the demons dance with amnesia on her tongue…….she can’t remember the name of her next child.

We are seated at the coffee table……remembering politicians who killed her brother….the drink provides a therapy… travels
through her clothes and body…….like the painters orbiting time……travelling blood-lines….like her sweat chases me on thoughtless
nights……….abort the moon

So you’re the same poet…….she asks me with a touch of secrecy…...who slew my children at midnight…… the neon lit whorehouse….
who stole my wedding saree…….who danced with me in the rain……….who hid the child inside the radio……and let the violin stroke my
womb? So you’re the same demon who suckled mirrors…..licked me blind…..and murdered Banalata Sen?

Fuck the rain…….fuck the song…….fuck the rainsongs…...we shall live the century cloistered in the walls of a kiss……..let
prostitutes rule the poem now……winter will bring a new wind poet who torments your eyes………and crawls through
your hair like war……time will heal my letters……roses will heal the wine…….and the violin drink the moon.


The Girl With The Broken Smile said...

I will probably love this post when I'm high deeptesh...No offence intended though!Right now I'm in love with the phrase "cloistered in the walls of a kiss"...somehow these few words captured me today...

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed this. This line resonates with me: "we shall live the century cloistered in the walls of a kiss."


Happy New Year.

Anne said...

Deeptesh, this was so very lovely, until the last stanza. You have been blessed with a tremendous vocabulary and are a wonderfully gifted poet. Profanity turns me off. I bet you could have chosen a different, gentler word and you would have kept entranced throughout. Keep at it! I can't wait to read your next piece!

Ed Adams said...

Seriously good prose.

You should be published.

zorlone said...

What an explosive ending! I enjoyed reading it a lot. Much like a scene in a stage where a dialogue took place.

Bravo my friend.

Experiment more.


"Sunshine" said...

Interesting, Deep. I like the prose-poem aspect of this.

The first stanza is my favorite for the poetic aspect of the words themselves and the dreamlike quality that is inherently yours.

The last stanza seemed a little out of character for your work, as it is full of raw emotion (which I think works well). Seems as though you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new. And, in my book, it worked.

By the way, you appear to have had a birthday since the last time I visited your blog. Happy birthday (whenever it was) and happy new year to you, as well!

floreta said...

love the imagery as always. and the format of this is different and nice. also love the violins of course :)

Deeptesh said...

@ Sreejata

You will luv it even more if u re-read it.

@ Anne

Well,I always lend a soft touch to my verses n believe in economy of expression.In this poem,I tried to strike a balance between the softness and 'profanity' to explore newer terrains.I gave it a coarse resonating end on purpose as Zorlone n Sunshine has said.Moreover, this was an experiment written in winter trance!!

@ all

Thanks a lot.happy New Year.

Reeju says... said...

i'm again hunting for words to make a fitting comment to your post.....a bit surrealistic i found it and an excellent use of vocabulary....loved it.

jiniya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jiniya said...

do i ned 2 say nythin..... realy deeptsh..u hav made us al proud.....
awsum poem....
u rock....[bt definatly nt lyk dose songs u usd 2 sing.... ;)]

windless said...

This is a new tone in your work, Deeptesh. There is more fire than rose here...I really like this. It is not just beautiful, but it is disturbing and the sur-real has not been subsumed within the romantic in this piece. What would you have to say about the genre of this work? I would want to know your take...Keep up the good work...all the best...

anudeep said...

ok,am not eligible to judge you.what i can say is that you must try out something that everyone gets.not just vocabulary.instead of showing your word power,make it user friendly.definitely literature is not for illiterates.but bringing the universal appeal will definitely help you to rise higher.

Deeptesh said...

Thank u everyone

@ windless

Precisely so.I was trying to try out a new genre...a surrealistic dreaminess and the unconscious poetic flow...definitely more fire than rose as u say, but I could call it a rosy fire.

@ Anudeep

I have toned down and made my language simpler u know...but it's not about what language u's more about choosing the apt language to describe the signified.searching for a meaning in this one might be slightly incoherent and out of context as it has the flow of a dream and is the product of unconscious poetic consciousness.This will appeal differently to different people of course but will appeal to everyone.Ultimately it also depends on the reader's ability of perception like one very dumb scientific condition for an echo to be heard is the hearer can't be deaf!

bARE-eYED sUN said...

deep, when we landed on your page we
saw the long swath of words and thought "aw no, not the old ways again"

. . . and then we read . . .

know what, deep? we get it now.
you're an acquired taste, but by golly, we finally get it!

we enjoyed this one, very much,
don't know what the heckit's about,
but it's emotionally charged.

the poem jars and moves then lulls and sits, then twists and turns, and finally we're in your dream.

we get it now.

thank you. :-)
and keepon bloggin', friend, good stuff.



Somewhere Circus said...

DeepteshInFlames, it seems as if the whole prose paved its way for the blast of the ending. I am quite able to relate with your more recent posts. I am a huge fan. Huge.

Revived Angel... said...

i'm in love with this.."She might
also stab the sky for rain".."we shall live the century cloistered in the walls of a kiss"..too good to praise.people generally do not take on such themes in poetry.great one..!
gt late in givin' a comment since my net connection went dysfunc.

Deeptesh said...

thank u all

Sayan said...

ya it's gud....bcomin a professional day by day mr. deeptesh.......i did xamine dis piece....was vry intrstin....since u tried it a little diffrnt way......not da "deeptesh" type i read b4.....u went hammer and tongs wid ur vocab in dis 1.....still gr8 job done..keep that up mate

Virginia Gaces said...

The last paragraph was a turned off, but I love the paragraphs before that. Why don't you visit our blogs too and read our poems. Cheers.

Americanising Desi said...

:) very beautiful read

Rye.. said...

Deep, this is your best till date!

RizzY said...

Some wonderfully crafted thoughts .. I have been reading Your stuff since a long time and I have kinda seen you evolve -- Or maybe you did'nt .. That's my only complain Deeptesh --from a READER's point of view >> I guess Now its the time I tell You -- U are getting stereotyped (the safest way towards poetry)=).. A poet Re-invents himself & Takes Risks with Crappy Experiments ..

I tell you this because I have mingled with many budding writers & poets .. Please don't misjudge me -- I comment it as a friend..
Break off the Deeptesh we know..Plz

the feeling lioness said...

This is all very interesting
and wicked and enjoyable...haha!


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