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Monday, October 13, 2008


A decade has passed
since the second cold war began

the spider still weaves malignancy
in a vial of frozen time

and this is a strange place
where strange things happen

The symphony of stagnant winds
bear a morbid fragrance daily

you feel the lullaby flow in your veins
and call yourself ‘learned’

Vampire in your breath
you steal the curse of life
from a wriggling foetus

and you let a vamp swear
your burden of virginity

The dusk is en-lightened
with the odour of morphine vapours

and the dagger is a museum
of cold crusades or fractured altars

The shadow of the paranoid
haunts your blood
like an endless epidemic

and you sell your knowledge
with yourself for soft drachmas

tell me,
do you still call yourself ‘learned’?

Slay the guitar
Kill the poet
Burn the peace
with your cyber avalanche

This is a strange place
where sick women compose pop songs

and you teach a toddler
to play with toy bullets

The river swells with guilty eddies
to sink the cries of silence

This is a strange time
and I am in a strange place
where strange things happen

I want to un-learn the ethics
I was taught by honest men

Yet you may find your coffin someday
in a lifeless universe

and wonder when you passed away!

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Debs said...

I found traces of maturity in here. Grow on your poems.

Inam said...

foray into the surreal?

goku said...

Not the best but certainly better than the rest. Great job, keep up the talent.

Pongy Papaya said...

like the imagery, disturbing & intense.

Rye.. said...


bibhash jha said...

Slay the guitar
Kill the poet
Burn the peace
with your cyber avalanche

well , thats the part i liked most . carry on.. i see a great writer in making in u :)